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In order to grasp how this works, there is one principle that you need to understand…

Social Media Is ALWAYS Changing!

Simply put, you need to change with the internet if consistent progress is your goal. It is imperative that you adopt this particular mindset.

Adapt or die, if you will…

With this in mind, you are compelled to find the best tools to get the job done and this means those tools that allow you to reach the masses, with very little effort.

Even better?

With ZERO out of pocket expenses.

Normally, our minds jump straight to email marketing and of course this is no surprise because statistics show that it’s responsible for 90% of all sales online...

But Email Marketing Just Took A Back Seat!

If you have even a tiny bit of experience with email marketing, then you know that open rates (the amount of people who actually read your emails) are extremely important.

For an average email open rate, most online businesses are looking at about a 23% - meaning that just about 1 out of 4 subscribers will read your emails.

However, in many cases, you can also see open rates as little as under 10% for those businesses who are doing OK - unless they have several hundred thousands of leads to mail to. But...

Can You Imagine An Astounding
100% Open Rate?!?

We Can Thank A Unique, Facebook Feature For That.

I know,  It's Legendary and Completely unheard of.

But at this point, I’m certain you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities, 

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1. Log-In  2. Add Your Content  3. Schedule  4. Send

Set And Forget Automation


Facebook Exciter Is The World’s, Very First Bulk Mailer

That You Can Use To Message Everyone Who Is Subscribed

To Your Facebook Messenger App

Providing The Latest , Automated  Features For Messenger
How Does Facebook Exciter Actually Work?

It’s A Simple, Four-Step Process...

Step 1

Collect Messenger Leads

Step 2

Schedule And Set Your Campaign

Step 3

Send Them A Message Including A Video

Step 4

And Let Our Automation Take Care Of The Rest

FB Exciter Is 10X More Powerful Than Email Marketing

Without a doubt, Email Marketing 100% works and is a powerful model that anyone can utilize to build a sustainable, online business.

However, with 4 out of every 5 people having smartphones, nowadays, and Facebook Messenger being much more easily accessible than email, it is slowly falling to the shades.

Not to mention deliverability rate and the possibility of your emails being lost into the cyberspace and to never be seen again.

To sum all of this up, if Email Marketing were to go toe-to-toe with our heavy-hitter, FB Exciter, it would lose every time.

Email Marketing is the past, and FB Exciter is the future!

And It's 100% Free* Compared To Email Costs

* Facebook's Messenger Software

The Power Of Facebook Exciter

To Scale Your Business To Heights You’ve Never Seen Before...

Our Most Powerful Automation And Reporting

Send YouTube Videos With Your Messages...

100% Automation On Everything…

Achieve A Whopping 95%+ Open Rate And Engagement…

Boost Your Business By 50X...

At The End Of The Day…

It all boils down to you’re willing to go above and beyond and build your business with the most,

powerful tool on the face of the internet - bar none!

No More Struggling To Get Leads And Sales...

No More Settling For a 5-10% Open rate...

No More "Lost In The Cyberspace" Emails...

No More Fancy Dancy Pop-Up Optin Forms...

No More Out Of Pocket Expenses To Send Emails…
From:  “Griff”
RE:  My Powerful New Tool To Achieve MASSIVE Success In 2017

Hey there, my friends :-)  Griff here, and i’m extremely glad that you've taken a minute to look at our new software, but know that in doing so, you’re on the brink of discovering the most powerful, marketing tool ever released for Facebook and Facebook's Messenger Software. This is our newest addition to Video Marketer Software Suite Of Tools, and we're sure you'll love it as much as I do!

My Personal Explainer 

A Few More Of Facebook Exciter's Killer Options

To Make Managing and Sending Messages Super Easy:

Attach Emojis Easily

Live Preview Options

Auto Sync Everyday

Send Test Messages

Insert YouTube Videos

Include Exlude Leads

Advanced Reporting

Complete Scheduling

Delivery Reports

Multi Page Campaigns

Bonuses?  Boy Have We  Got You Covered

The Absolute Best Facebook Training On The Planet

Over $1000.00 In Value For My Customers Today

A Very Complete Training Guide, Mind Map And Cheat Sheet For Your Use!

Become a Facebook Marketing Expert today!

  • * Would you like to skyrocket your conversion rate like never before?
    * Would you like to generate way more leads and sales using premium strategies?
    * Would you like to dominate proven, productive, and updated marketing techniques?
    * Would you like to learn it first and then provide expensive services to other businesses?

A Very Complete Training Guide, Mind Map And Cheat Sheet For Your Use!

Get more exposure for your business quickly!

  • * Would you like to skyrocket your conversion rate like never before?
    * Would you like to generate way more leads and sales using premium strategies?
    * Would you like to dominate proven, productive, and updated marketing techniques?
    * Would you like to learn it first and then provide expensive services to other businesses?

A Very Complete Training Guide, Mind Map And Cheat Sheet For Your Use!

The future of your Business depends on this!

  • • More than 70% of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers
    • Facebook’s total revenue for the quarter ending June 30, 2015 was $4.04 billion
    • Mobile ad revenue now accounts for 76 percent of Facebook's advertising revenue
    • Facebook now boasts 40 million active small business pages

We Love Giving You Bonuses You Can Actually Use And Learn From!

Get Ready For Our Amazing New Tool!

Facebook Exciter IS Your Solution,

To Automating Your Income Streams!



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1 FB Exciter

As With All Of Our Software - This Is A Module Within 'Video Marketer Rx'

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And Digital In Nature And Once Log-In Credentials Have Been Issued There Will Be No Refunds Available - <<

To A Successful 2017, 

 P.S. When put up against all other methods of marketing, FB Exciter should seem like a complete, no-brainer.  It doesn’t get any better than generating thousands of free leads weekly, and having 95%+ of them as a potential customer.  Need I say more?

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Here’s What Just A Few Are Saying

About The Power Of Facebook Exciter...

The pricing in the Facebook Exciter Software is very Easy - There is 1options, Which is a single 1 Time Price

Lifetime is a single 'One Time' Payment

We always guarantee that our software is up todate and functions as required, if there are any un0forseen issues then we provide a full support desk for your use.  We do not gaurantee that our software will suit your particular needs, so please review the Sales Page for all particulars...

There are 3 OTO's Within this Offer, OTO 1 is Is Our Exciter Lead Builder Pro Version, OTO2 Our 'Worlds First' Web Based Media Caster And Soci Marketer For Facebook, OTO 3 is Video Marketer RX which is our Flagship Software And the Agency Version Includes ALL Of our Software Modules And All Future Software With Its Membership!

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